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Getting starting with Sublime


I am completely new to sublime, I am an old programmer but still am following all new techs, can someone share some documents that can help me understand the IDE and all its possibilities? .

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There is no guide as such (that I know of) that gives you a step by step information on what to do in ST. It really depends on your needs and goals. ST at it’s core is a very powerful & yet minimal editor and the package ecosystem only makes it more powerful.

I’d just recommend start using the editor and as & when you have doubts/questions or want help in doing specific stuff, you can always post questions on this forum or even reach out in the discord server (#support channel). The community is vibrant and questions get answered pretty quickly.

Apart from that, it’s always good to just have regular peeks at the official & community documentation to understand what’s possible.


And of course, this post would be woefully incomplete without mentioning OdatNurd’s YT channel that has tons of information in the form of videos on useful packages, build systems, color schemes, plugins and general information on a variety of ST’s capabilities.

He also live streams every Tuesday at 8:30 Pacific time (Hope I got that, right, I am so bad with timezone) so you can always hope in with questions if you want to see them “live answered”.

Anyways, welcome to the ST community and hope you have a wonderful journey diving into using ST for your needs ! :slight_smile:



Thanks @UltraInstinct05!

Live Streams at 8pm PST on Mondays on my YT channel, and I also stream at those times on Wesnesday/Friday on Twitch as well, where you can also pop in and ask questions as needed. :slight_smile:

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