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Getting error "Apparent recursion within a with_prototype action" after upgrading


I’ve just upgraded Sublime Merge to build 2025, and as soon as it opens it now shows this message:

Error loading syntax file “Packages/PHP/PHP.sublime-syntax”: Apparent recursion within a with_prototype action: 25000 context sanity limit hit

I’ve basically switched from Sublime Text to VSCode because of this bug and now it’s coming to Sublime Merge too?? Any idea how to fix it?



Merge reads syntax definitions from not only its own packages, but also those installed in Sublime Text if you happen to have it installed. That allows you to have the same syntax highlighting for your files in Merge as you do in Text.

This error pops up in Sublime when you use a third party package that replaces one of the internal syntaxes if that package has an ill-designed syntax in it (Naomi is particularly infamous for causing this issue, for example) .

The solution to the problem in Sublime is to not use the offending package. Since you’re not using Text but are using VSCode, you likely need to remove the Data directory from your old Sublime Text installation so that Merge can’t find it and load packages from it.