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Push Pull Indicators

I’m really liking the idea of this Git client, with zero abstractions from what it is doing under the hood with Git. I love how deep it goes, where as some of the other Git clients only offer the basic Git operations.

With that being said, I would like to buy it, but there are a few features that seem to be missing that are included other Git clients. The first thing I miss most in Merge is some sort of notifications that you should push or pull, as you would see in GitHub Desktop. Usually, I follow all commits automatically with a push, but sometimes, this is forgotten from time to time when I’m located in places with no internet access. It would be nice to show some sort indicator on the push button whenever there are local commits that need pushed. Also, conversely, it would be nice to see some sort of indicator that there are commits on the remote branch that need to be pulled down locally.

Image Previews
It would be nice if images being added / changed / removed would show in the diffs, similar to Desktop.

Back Button
I notice that I almost always have to push the “back” arrow twice in order to actually go back. I’m not sure if this is on purpose or accident.

Button to Clear the Search Bar
I made a post a little bit ago mentioning that it could be nice to have a way to quickly clear the search bar from the UI.

Window Orientation
This last one is a bit of a stretch, as I realize it would probably require quite a bit of work to implement, but I will mention it anyway just to flush out all the ideas in my head. It would great to have a preference to allow the Git history tree to be placed horizontally (vs vertically) so that we could use the full width of our screens to see both the git history messages and the diff view (the side-by-side preference would really benefit from this). I guess it wouldn’t matter if it was above or below the diff view, the main point is that it would give us all the width of our screens to see both git history messages and the diff view.

Diff Full View
I think it would be nice to incorporate a button that would hide the Git history view and could possibly reduce the amount of space required by the upper toolbar and just essentially give the diff view as much space as possible. Sometimes, we spend a lot of time reviewing a commit and it would be great to have that content take advantage of the whole screen as much as possible, sort of a focused mode on diff review.

If any of these features already exist and I’ve somehow missed them, my apologies.



The best place for feedback like this is



These can be found to the right of the branch names in the location bar & in the center toolbar for the current branch. However, you will have to fetch yourself periodically. Here is a feature request for that:

Here is the feature request for this:

Here is the feature request for this: