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Full path not showing up in title bar on macos


I have a mac, running macOS Sonoma v14.5.
I have several files with same name but in different directories. I have been trying to set Sublime to show the full path in the title bar, unsuccessfully (Google search did not help). To sum up:

  • I click Sublime > Settings > Settings
  • I look for “show_full_path”
  • I find it line #788
  • I can see it is set to true
    I still do not get any path in title bar…
    What should I do?


The content of the file you looked at (which is the default preferences) is:

	// Show the full path to files in the title bar. On Mac, this value is
	// overridden in the platform specific settings, with a default value of
	// false.
	"show_full_path": true,

As the content says, this is overridden to false on MacOS to be false in the MacOS specific default settings.

As such, if you want to enable it, copy the setting from the defaults on the left to your settings on the right in order to override it and make it active.



It worked!