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[FORUM REQUEST] Resource Category / Pinned Thread Alternative


I’ve noticed that there are is only one pinned thread here.   I also understand that there are very few categories, all of which are very broad, so it might be difficult to define threads that are worth pinning.

I think we should create a new category for guides, templates, and examples.  

This would:

  • provide easy to find, proven resources for developers
  • allow community verification & input on improving resources
  • cut down on repeat posts

#For example:

###[Proof Of Concept] Visual Progress Bar

###[MODULE] module_loader : Reload Modules & Dependencies WITHOUT Restarting Sublime Text

###[TEMPLATE] Multi-Command Builds with Input (PowerShell Script)

StackOverflow actually has a pretty awesome expansion for Documentation in the works, which will tie in great with this.   I could see resource threads linking to their StackOverflow documentation counterparts, along with a quick [ explanation | summary ].   Then the resources could be discussed further on both StackOverflow & the ST forum, according to user preference.

Also: the resource category should be slightly moderated, as to only allow threads which contain a primary resource ( no general discussion threads ).   We should create a single pinned thread with guidelines for the resource category.


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Forum request: Sticky topics
Forum request: Sticky topics

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