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For X: improve matching and find highlighting


This has come up a few times but is something I’d really love to have in X:

I often find it hard to see the selected / highlighted result when I do a find. The colour is not different enough. In dark themes such as Monokai and Sunburst (my favorite because of its Markdown highlighting) it would be great if the highlighted block could be pure white background with black text. (The ‘outlines’ for the remaining ‘found’ search items are fine.)

Similarly, as discussed here:

It would be great to have the matching bracket ( or { or or < highlighted with a white background and black text - I often find myself switching to another editor just to spot where my matching brackets :frowning:

And finally, tag matching as standard would be awesome. I know about the web developer plugin as described here:

But it would be great to have this built in to X - and of course I’d love it if the tags matched with a high contrast colour change - ie - black text on white background.

Thanks and hoping it might be possible!

(PS I’m loving X so far - fantastic to be able to load it up on Linux - looks superb with the black of Crunchbang Linux - a match made in heaven!)

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Find Highlighting

+1 Being able to customize the find highlight foreground/background colors would be awesome!

Loving ST2, keep up the great work.

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