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Font sizes of status bar, side bar and tabs configurable in ST3?


Dear all,

the fonts in ST3 are too small for me. I managed to change the fonts of the main editor with "font_size": 11, in the User prefs.

I read the documentation, searched in this forum and googeled but cannot get the other font sizes changed.
It’s allways the same advice: configure Default.sublime-theme. Well, there is no such file. I even created the file as /opt/sublime_text_3/Packages/Theme-Default/Default.sublime-theme and put the configuration in there.

It does not work. Is this configurable? Where and how?

I installed ST3 on Arch linux 64bit from the AUR.




Hey mate, what you have to do, is to edit the ThemeName.sublime-theme file and
search this keyword using regex option on search:

For sidebar editing:

For status bar editing:

For tabs:

Try to understand the code to change the theme:

this will tint the actual layer of a control you edit
“layer?.tint”: [R, G, B],

for the opacity
“layer?.opacity”: 1,

you can also set a texture:
“layer0.texture”: “PluginName/images_path/filename.png”,

Example posted on my drive:

Note: the tabs “label” font.size does not work properly, it’s a well known bug in Sublime Community


Changing fonts for menus and status bar and sidebar

Thanks nikoonek for your reply,

unfortunately there are any *.sublime-theme files on the system. I searched the whole file system from / downwards.
My User prefs state
"color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Monokai.tmTheme", but there are no whatever.tmTheme files on the system also.

Under .config/... in my home dir there are a lot of cache files like Amy.tmTheme.cache, they are all binaries.
Unter /opt/sublime_text_3/Packages/ there is a file 'Theme - Default.sublime-package', but this is binary too, not a text file.

After installation of ST3 the default color scheme was set to Monokai; I tried the others and set it back to Monokai (if this is relevant).

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All default packages are shipped as .sublime-package files, which are zip files.

You can extract the default theme and create a copy with a custom name under your Packages/ folder (Preferences > Browse Packages…). Then you may customize the theme file as you see fit. Use Preferences > Settings - User to set the new theme to be active.

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Brilliant wbond!

That was the missing piece. Changing the settings now works like a charm.

Thank you all very much!

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Hi Guys, this helped me to increase the status bar font.

Just as reference.
I found my theme in ~/.config/sublime-text-3/installed Packages;
Theme - Soda.sublime-package

I edited the file Soda Dark 3.sublime-theme and add the line "font.size": 9 where the // STATUS BAR section is.

 // Status bar label
        "class": "label_control",
        "parents": [{"class": "status_bar"}],
        "color": [150, 150, 150],
        "shadow_color": [25, 25, 25],
        "shadow_offset": [0, -1],
        "font.size": 9

I tried to create a theme file named differently but then Sublime still reference the old file and I didn’t find the way to update.