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Font_face support multiple font families




It would be nice if you could summarize the feature request you are linking to so that we don’t all have to click on it if we want to know what this is all about.



+1 for multiple font face support.

For people like me that uses other language than English as their mother tongue, multiple font face is quite crucial. There isn’t much font that has good legibility and nice looking for both English and Korean, and Chinese , for my case.

I think the way CSS works would be great. Thanks.



Yes. Sublime Text 3 is sell world-wide.
But Sublime is unkind in terms of font setting for non-English speaking users.
I hope I can use fonts suitable for my language as font-family or fallback font.

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I would very much like this for other reasons as well. Multiple fonts in a color scheme like bold or italics would allow for features like smart markdown and org visualization, in sublime presentation of “slides” from one of those formats, and many many other things, let alone the proper multi language support.