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Folder_exclude_patterns bug


In latest build (4113) of ST there is a bug:


this used to only exclude this particular directory, since update it also excludes

projectX/src/server from Folder View

and possibly any other level but I haven’t tested…

When I remove that folder exclude pattern the src/server directory is visible again inside the projectX main folder.


Cannot comment block in bash

Does it happen in safe mode?



I’m pretty sure now you have to prefix your pattern with // for that to work:


There is info in the official documentation as well.



@bschaaf yes it also happens in Safe Mode

@simov thank you for this pointer (docs)

However it does not explain this behaviour.

This is what it says:

The pattern mydir/one will match /parent/mydir/one, /mydir/one and /mydir/one/sub
The pattern mydir/two will match /parent/mydir/two but not /parent/mydir/two_sub
The pattern /mydir/three will match /mydir/three but not /nested/mydir/three
The pattern mydir/four/ will match /parent/mydir/four and /parent/mydir/four/sub
The pattern //mydir/five will match /project1/mydir/five and /project2/mydir/five but not /project1/nested/mydir/five 4.0

I have this kind of problem:

mydir/one matches mydir/something/else/one


//mydir/one does nothing actually

How I tested (in Safe mode):

Basic folder structure:

and another nested state directory:

Using this:

"folder_exclude_patterns": [".dmt/state"],

I get:

.dmt/state is hidden as it should be

while .dmt/core/node/aspect-nearby/nearby/lib/state is also hidden but it should not be:


When trying

"folder_exclude_patterns": ["//.dmt/state"],

then it weirdly does nothing and both directories are visible, seems like another bug



I guess the best chance to not get it lost and being worked on at some point is to file an issue with all relevant information at