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Fix pop-up formatting for PHP Companion


Hi - I just installed “PHP Companion” to automatically search/import classes.

It seems to work well but no matter what theme/color I use, including Sublime Defaults, the text in the pop-up that shows success is larger than its container (see attached).

Can anyone advise how I can fix this? Or is there another maintained plugin I might be better off using?

Thanks for any help!



It doesn’t look as a problem with Sublime, as I’m able to create popup, which resizes itself properly.
I believe the best would be to report issue to the package creator.

I use same plugin and it happens to me as well, but didn’t annoy me as much yet to do something with it :joy:



Hi Lumnn - thanks for the feedback. Yeah, so it must be an issue with the plugin. Unfortunately it is no longer maintained by the creator, so I guess I’ll have to live with the overflow unless anyone can suggest a more recent plugin out there that does the same job.



Just checking in to see if anyone else is having this issue with this plugin or if it is something awry with my install. Any ideas?