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Fix background color rendering pitch black


Just installed sublime merge on a fresh linux manjaro install, and it looks like this:

It used to be some nice dark grey, even on my other computer running manjaro. Anyone know what can be the cause?



After slightly too much work I found out how to override parts of the theme and change the main background color:

But it seems this black default is everywhere, is it read from the OS somehow?
Not really interested to go the whole way to find all elements and style them, feels stupid

Is it some rendering error?



A GUI is styled by a theme (Merge Dark.sublime-theme) and the color scheme (Mariana.sublime-color-scheme). The latter one primarily defines syntax highlighting colors.

Some colors of a theme are read from color scheme. It looks like reading color scheme’s background color has failed for some reason.

  1. Do you see any error messages in SM’s console?
  2. Does it happen, when running SM in SAFE MODE?


Wow, sorry for not replying, thought I would get an email (fixed the settings now).

1. Do you see any error messages in SM’s console?

This is the console:

startup, version: 2071 linux x64
executable: /var/lib/snapd/snap/sublime-merge/22/opt/sublime_merge/sublime_merge
application: /var/lib/snapd/snap/sublime-merge/22/opt/sublime_merge
working dir: /home/joakim
packages path: /home/joakim/.config/sublime-merge/Packages
state path: /home/joakim/.config/sublime-merge/Local
zip path: /home/joakim/.config/sublime-text/Installed Packages
zip path: /var/lib/snapd/snap/sublime-merge/22/opt/sublime_merge/Packages
zip path: /home/joakim/.config/sublime-merge/Installed Packages
ignored_packages: ["Vintage"]
pre session restore time: 0.129206
loading repo /home/joakim/dev/projects/joakim-scripts/.git
loading dictionary Packages/Language - English/en_US.dic
head changed to 8a45c0dd15428441bb82d004f082642328008f03
first paint time: 0.246744

2. Does it happen, when running SM in SAFE MODE?

It does not! Wow!

I did try to install some sublime text package to make sublime text look like my previous install – I must have messed something up. I will try to clean that up.



This is my sublime-text Packages/User dir


Without this everything works as it should. I guess there is some conflict with this Mariana color scheme and the one included in sublime merge?

No matter the exact reason, thanks a million for the solution!