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FIND Usability - Shrinking Edit Field


often i like to have multiple windows open in sublime so i can compare them side-by-side, or i need to fit a text window in a limited amount of screen real-estate — and so it happens somewhat often that the edit field in which the FIND query is entered is actually quite narrow. it will vary, of course with the font you are using, however —

when the sublime window is narrower than 85 characters — the FIND edit field is shrunk to only 1 character wide — i need to make the sublime text window at least 102 characters wide in order to have a FIND edit field that will enable viewing at least 10 characters in it — this is the case even while the the ‘Find’, ‘Find Prev’ and ‘Find All’ buttons retain their full width, and the .* and Aa and “” and wrap icons retain their full width.

this seems absolutely backwards to me — the most important thing, your FIND query itself is shrunk to 1 character, while the window decorations and icons consume all available window width in the find bar — cant say how crazy this makes me — since find functionality is a high frequency issue, and this is a fundamental usability flaw that is relatively easy to fix.

Improvement here is simple:

  1. FIND EDIT FIELD SHOULD NOT SHRINK — shrink the icons, shrink the buttons, but do not shrink the edit field where you are typing the FIND query.

  2. order of the FIND toolbar is currently: 6 Icons, 1 Shrinking Edit Field, 3 Buttons

ordering should be: 1 Non-shrinking Edit Field, 3 Buttons, 6 Icons (ideally merged into a tiny popup menu).

please please please consider this — it is the #1 feature request that would improve daily constant usability.