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Find text replaced by find in other program


I use SublimeText (4, I believe) to format YouTube transcripts, and one step of this involves using a regex function to find duplicated lines in the very lengthy document. Because many of these lines are actually said twice, I have to check against the YouTube video to determine whether or not to delete them. These videos are like 4 hours long, so I use Firefox’s find function to locate this moment in the YouTube transcript so I can play the video from there. However, whatever I type into Firefox’s find field is then input into Sublime’s find field when I return to Sublime, replacing the regex.

Naturally, this significantly hampers my workflow, especially since I have a compounding problem where re-inserting the regex into Sublime’s Find field tends to return me to the top of the document, forcing me to cycle down through all the skipped duplicates to return to my place.

I’ve already changed my settings to "find_selected_text": false, but it still occurs. I’m using a Mac, and I am not sure what platform specific settings to look for that might be doing this. Is there something I can set or some other function I can use that will make the Find field remember what was in it instead of pulling in the contents of a Find field in another program?



MacOS has a global find clipboard and this is standard behavior for all applications on macOS. You can disable it on recent versions of ST4 using the "use_find_clipboard" setting.

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I’ve never noticed this behavior before because I’m not usually using find simultaneously in different programs. Thank you!!