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Find/Replace: how to add edited file parent dir in the replace string?


In a “main directory” I have a lot of files, in a lot of subdirectories. Something like
C:\FirstDir\SecondDir\MainDir\MainSubDir\ <specific_subdirs> \*.edt

I need to find all the .edt files containing this line:
reference = someotherfile.ref
to replace it with the line:
reference = MainDir\RefSubDir\ <specific_subdirs> \someotherfile.ref

I was able to find&replace in a single directory, and then using this expressions:

find:    (reference = )(?!<this_dir>)(.*\.ref)
replace: \1MainDir\\RefSubDir\\<this_dir>\\\2

(where <this_dir> is the folder i’m searching in)
but it requires me to open one folder at time, copy/paste the folder name in the replace expression, replace all, and start again.

I have more than 150 folders to look.

There’s a way to put “automagically” the file parent directory in the replace string, so i can automate the whole process?
(or the full path, i can do more than one pass, as long the passes are less than the folders i have to do :smiley: )




Sublime can’t reference the path that a file comes from in the replacement text as far as I know, so for something like that you’d either need a package/plugin that adds that capability or to write a script externally that does it for you.



you would be better off asking your question on stackoverflow, as this will require finding files, reading them, comparing string, replacing and rewriting the file…
on linux i would use find, grep, cat, | and > from a command line (terminal).