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Find pasteboard overwrites ⌘F while searching


Not sure I will be great at describing this but the bug is pretty simple. Sublime Text queries the global “find” pasteboard on macOS to populate the text for ⌘F. This is cool, but it is too aggressive: if I type a new string to search it will immediately replace the text with the find pasteboard instead of my search string after finding a match. For example, if I perform the following steps:

  1. Search in another app for “foo”.
  2. Switch to Sublime text and hit ⌘F. It is pre-populated with “foo”. (No bug here yet.)
  3. Type “bar” instead.
  4. Hit :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: to search.

At this point, Sublime Text will correctly search for “bar”, but it might also replace the field with “foo”. Since I normally type a search query and hit enter a bunch to cycle through results, this can be really annoying since it will keep reverting back to something I don’t want to search for.



I don’t have a solution, but want to point out that this looks pretty similar to something reported at, except they couldn’t work out why it was happening. Potentially related to the find_selected_text preference, then.



Yes, this looks exactly like the behavior I’m seeing. I’m on a Mac, though, and the source for the text is the platform find pasteboard (which I assume is what the setting references?)



I’ve also started experiencing this after a recent update. It’s incredibly annoying to try to search within Sublime Text, and to get no results because the system’s search string is for some reason overwriting the app’s search string.