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Find in Files - results no longer in alphabetical order


I updated my version of Sublime to build 4169 from build 3211. Now when I do a “Find in Files” search, the results show the file names in random order vs. alphabetical order. Is there a setting or something I’m missing that will change this behavior back to how it was in build 3211?



Build 4145 should have resolved this particular issue; earlier versions of ST4 displayed the results in an unspecified order.

I’m not aware of any setting that turns that on or off, though; as far as I know it should just always be on.



It’s interesting. When I do a find in files without including anything in the “Where:” option, it returns results in alphabetical order. If I add in a specific directory to search in, it’s all in random order.



In that case, it may be worth logging an issue. I would think the intention is to have the results always be alphabetical, based on the above issue.