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Find and Replace In File


Good Day Everyone ,

I am hoping that someone might have a solution for me.

I have a large database of products that I am using for my online store,
the problem I am facing is that I am trying to find and replace a set of data in another

I want to find every instance i have of AA with Abrasives and so on we have about 850 different categories and it can become tedious doing it one by one.I have seen there are a few python codes that can do this however I can enter every one individually.

Basically what I want to do is , take input (the code) replace it with more input (the string) and then populate the rest of my text files.

I have managed to this slight with the find and replace however it doesn’t seem to work on multiple instances of AA for example.

I hope this is a good enough explanation.

Thank you Kindly.

Best Regards,

Cole Wakeford