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Find all occurences of the selected word


in Notepad++ there is this function if you double-click a word, all occurences of the same word are marked in green. In ST3, there is a similar function; if I double-click on a word in ST3, the other words are highlighted with a small border:

How could I change this highlightin behaviour? Because this small border is nearly invisible.


Select all references(not occurrences) of a word in the text



Hi @kingkeith, I know that package but is it really impossible without an additional package?



as far as I know, Sublime doesn’t have any built in settings to control the appearance of the highlights, which is why this package exists.



ST uses the caret color for match highlighting:

I wrote a post detailing the necessary changes for caret color & some other visibility related improvements.

I still recommend using WordHighlight, as it offers greatly improved functionality.

For example, in the image above, only exact whole-word matches for “string” are matched.
( I disabled WordHighlight for the screenshot )

Also, non-word matches are not highlighted.
( an option in WordHighlight, along with case sensitivity, foreground highlighting, and some others.)

Without WordHighlight:

With WordHighlight:

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Thank you @fico and @kingkeith.
I confused the suggested WordHighlight plugin with the plugin HighlightWords, which is not what I wand, but WordHighlight works just pretty well.

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