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File 'updating'? issue


On windows if a file I have open changes sublime maintains coherency and alerts me that that happened.

On linux It silently wipes away all of my hard work why? and can I change this behavior?



It sounds like you’re talking about reloading of files that are open and changed elsewhere. That’s controlled by the following setting (shown with its default value). However as the comment indicates, if you have unsaved changes in the file it should be prompting you no matter what the value of the setting is.

Do you have the same packages installed on both machines?

    // Always prompt before reloading a file, even if the file hasn't been
    // modified. The default behavior is to automatically reload a file if it
    // hasn't been edited. If a file has unsaved changes, a prompt will always
    // be shown.
    "always_prompt_for_file_reload": false,