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File management is still very poor. (Try to delete a file)


File management is still very poor. It also has functionality that is not well done.

For example to delete a folder asks for confirmation as usual, but not when you delete a file, it disappears immediately, and this can lead to big problems. I think it’s a big bug and Sublime does not maintain consistency between the performance of the same function for folders and files.

On the other hand it would be very nice folders and files could move inside the structure and thus modify the location simply dragging a file. Even you should be able to add files by dragging them from your system or with the paste function after copying them to the clipboard.



You can use a plugin to do the context menu deletes with a prompt. Agree it would be good if it were consistent, but there is a workaround until that is done.



Even Atom and many others allow you to drag and drop files. That’s something so important with projects and hierarchies of files while you are browsing their contents. It allows you to organise and it’s a real pain in the neck using plugins, besides pluggings are not integrated with ST as to the point of immediate renaming, moving, etc.

I think this is one of the weakest points of ST