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Feature suggestion: Hide merge commits instead of collapsing


When I first noticed “Collapse merge commits” I thought cool, I can get rid of superfluous merge commits.
But the current implementation actually hides the interesting commits and only remains the merge commit.
Would be cool to have it the opposite way: the ability to somehow hide the merge commits (which normally don’t give me anything of intereset) and show me a straight history of the “real” commits (of course somehow annotated maybe with a dashed line to indicate that it’s not the “real” revision graph but a kind of effective graph).

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+1 I’d really like to clean up the visual noise of merge commits too, without hiding “real” commits like you call them.
Actually, with the full graph staying as is, it’s maybe just a matter of dimming down or hiding merge commit line content (message, author and such). Unless a branch or HEAD is pointing on it indead.