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Feature request: two-way view in three-way diffs


When I get into a three-way merge there tends to be a lot of visual clutter. Here’s a screenshot from the merge I’m doing right now:

In this case after a very careful reading I understand that the what’s happened here is that I changed the name of the method on the right side and its implementation on the left. I’m pretty sure that’s correct at least.

My point is that I shouldn’t have to eyeball it, and I should be more than pretty sure. There’s no simpler way to gain all the context on a three way merge than being able to see each set of changes compared to the base.

It’s also useful to be able to do a two-way comparison where one side is the merge result. The other side may be the base (currently unsupported), the left side (currently 3-way view does this), or the right side (which three way view does sort of show but not with highlighting of differences within lines).

If it is useful as a reference, IntelliJ offers similar functionality, which is where I learned how useful it can be.



At the top of the middle pane, you can select Base or Merged to switch between the comparison views.



I’m aware of that. My point is that there are certain tasks for which neither of those views is best suited.