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Feature request to set up external difftool and external mergetool



I have a sublime text and merge license. I am very happy with sublime text. I have been trying to migrate from SourceTree (macos git gui tool) to sublime merge; however, there are two main stumbling blocks for me to do this. (1) sublime merge does not allow one to configure an external diff tool to use instead of built in tool and (2) sublime merge does not allow one to configure an external merge tool to use instead of built in tool.

Source Tree (macos gui git tool) allows one to set up an external diff tool and an external merge tool. I do that and utilize P4Merge for both diffs and merges.

For me, P4Merge is a better tool for managing diffs and merges than any other diff or merge tool I have used. It doesn’t just provide the hunk where there is a difference, it shows the complete file. It also guesses well with regard to what to do with conflicts.

I tried going the route of setting up a menu item for diffs, but i did not have any luck.

It would be great to see the ability to set up / configure an external diff tool and external merge tool in sublime merge like is done in source tree.

when I set up Source Tree to use P4Merge, my gitconfig gets

[difftool “sourcetree”]
cmd = /Applications/ “$LOCAL” “$REMOTE”
path =
[mergetool “sourcetree”]
cmd = /Applications/ “$BASE” “$LOCAL” “$REMOTE” “$MERGED”
trustExitCode = true

and I get context sensitive menu items to launch external diff tool and external merge tool.

Thanks for your consideration.




Is anyone monitoring this forum and these requests? Should I be sending this feature request elsewhere?

It seems that if git config is set up correctly for “difftool” and “mergetool”, diffing and merging from sublime merge using external tool, e.g., P4Merge, would be easy. Just passing parameters or maybe making them available for scripting and having a how to doc created.

I am available and volunteer to test this feature if/when it becomes available.

Please advise.




The forum is monitored but the best place to make a feature request is on the issue tracker, which you can get to by choosing Help > Report a Bug from the menu. The forum is a good place to discuss such things, but if your request/issue isn’t logged in an official ticket it will get lost in the noise of the forum.