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[Feature Request] Time-Lapse View


p4v for Perforce has a phenomenal utility for exploring history of files called “Time-Lapse View” which is well explained here:

If we could ever get something like this in Sublime Merge, it would easily jump to the most powerful Git interface ever :slight_smile:



The majority of the functionality of P4V’s Time-lapse view is available via Blame in Sublime Merge - the timeline of file versions along the top in Time-lapse view is replaced by a list of commits to the file in Sublime Merge’s Blame view

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Ah, thank you. That is a step closer. There’s a few things that make the current blame view very hard to work with:

  1. Clicking different commits resets scroll to line 1, its very hard to step through the history around a line this way
  2. There’s no way of going to a line or searching in the currently blamed file by keyboard (and worse yet, CTRL+F kicks you out of the entire view)

Even if just #1 is fixed, that means with up/down arrows I am quite close to basic Timelapse functionality (although I’d recommend watching the video to see how much power there is with the different visual guides).




Here (Windows, v1114), clicking different commits does not reset scroll to line 1.



Quite odd as I am on 1114 and Windows as well.

Can you help me confirm I’m doing the same thing as you?

  1. Open Sublime Merge
  2. Click a commit on the left
  3. Click the three dots in the right side of file’s blue bar
  4. Click Blame
  5. Scroll code window down somewhere (line 100)
  6. Click an older commit
  7. Observe file view resets to top of file

The same behaviour if I go from an older to newer commit on the commit history on the left.

Win10 1809, Sublime Merge 1114 (not portable)



I was wrong in that it keeps the initial line (not necessarily the first one) when switching commit.

If you open a file in sublime text, go somewhere (say, line 100), and right click and select blame file, you will be redirected to sublime merge around that line. Selecting an older commit will keep it in view (but scrolling further away and selecting another commit will move you back around the initial line, which makes sense in that context (blame from sublime text) but not that much in yours (blame from sublime merge).



Ah, that makes more sense, I do not use Sublime Text for this project. Good to know there is a workaround in the short term if I launch the blame from ST3.



FWIW, I personally find Line History significantly more useful than Blame: The only times I’ve ever blamed a file, it was to find out why a bit of code is the way it is, and Line History answers that more directly than Blame does.

You can use Line History from the Search view, but the simplest way is to select the code in question in Sublime Text and use the Line History context menu