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Feature Request / Suggestion: Show tags in commit summaries (particularly for File History)


One nice feature of the Github web interface is that it shows, for each commit, a list of tags where that commit is included. That’s especially valuable when viewing a File History list, because date alone is a poor indicator of when that commit was introduced semantically.

For example, if I’m viewing this ffmpeg commit on Github, I can see at a glance (after expanding the tag list) that it was introduced in ffmpeg 3.4.

In Sublime Merge, the same commit is shown as:

There’s no indication whatsoever of where you are in the repo history.

I reached the Github commit via their history listing for the file libavutil/pixfmt.h, which is when it’s especially valuable to be able to determine where you are, tag-wise.

In fact, if you wanted to one-up Github on that front, you could show tags in the history listing itself, which they don’t do. (In Github’s interface, you have to click on a commit in order to see its tag memberships.)

That might add a fair bit of clutter to the list, though I don’t think it would be too bad if:

  1. the entries were very compact
  2. multiple successive tags with no intervening commits (that touched the file in question) were collapsed into a single entry.

But any way to access that information, period, would be a big help.



How this looks in Github’s web interface, to save everyone a click:



Feel free to create an enhancement request in the official tracker.

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