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Feature Request: SSH support without third party applications


Please consider supporting SSH protocol natively without requiring a third party application to negotiate the session (eg: Putty/Pageant)

While I appreciate this would require development effort and may extend the surface area for support issues, it seems odd for this functionality to be offloaded. I don’t require a seperate terminal emulator, I just need key based SSH auth to my git repo. I’m also just not a big fan of Putty.



Then you don’t need any special support added to Sublime or any third party applications… Just ensure your git config is set up to use the private key



Interesting… I’ll have a look at that
I’m curious though, where does the guidance for using putty/plink stem from? What need does that fill if this can all be done via git config?



Where did you see this (mis)guidance? :slightly_smiling_face:



Sublime Merge uses git.exe to connect to upstream repos. git can be configured to either use Windows’ native ssh client or putty. Depending on that decicion either paagent need to be used to handle password protected SSH keys or the ssh agent service provided by Windows.

Sublime Merge does not handle or store credential. That’s totally up to git infrastructure being in use - either bundled one or - if configured - Git for Windows.



Gotcha, thank you for the explainer. All seems to work as described, putty no longer in sight