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Feature request: Sort lines by selection (numerically)


We have Sort Lines (Numerically). We have Sort Lines by Selection. Why not Sort Lines by Selection (Numerically)?

I occasionally need to sort file listings, which typically have the file size in the middle of the line. The least bad way to do this that I’ve found so far is to copy the size to the beginning of the line, sort numerically, then remove the size, but a single command that combines the two existing ones seems like an obvious improvement.

(Yes, I’m aware ls and dir both support sorting by file size - I’m often working with listings from other people and telling them to go back sort the list is slower than just doing it myself. Also, I suspect there would be plenty of other uses for this feature.)



Try to search on first next time. There are many things can and have be done by plugins.

I am quite curious that did ST team ever actually fulfill feature requests on this forum and what are them? Not like this kind of plugin-can-do things but plugin-cannot-do things.



Jack, if you’ll read my post, I mentioned Sort Lines (Numerically) explicitly. In fact, it’s right there in the first sentence.

That said, I forgot that both of those features I’d been using for years were plugins. I’ve been using them so long, I thought they were just built into Sublime. I guess that makes the odds of it being added by the developer pretty low.

I might just make it myself; if I do, I’ll be sure to post a link to it here for any future people with the same problem.

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I indeed didn’t notice that Sort Lines (Numerically) in the first sentence is a plugin. Obviously neither after I found that plugin. I would recommend you to make it either a link or quoted since its name is perfectly embedded into a normal sentense.



Makes the original post look kind of stupid on its own, since it’s basically asking for someone to make a plugin on the official ST forums, but you know what, I’m okay with looking a bit silly in exchange for promoting those plugins. I use them weekly, and can’t recommend them highly enough.