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Feature request: print summary page from Sublime Merge


Hello! I imagine this is something that has been brought up before but I cannot find a good way to copy the whole summary of a commit or a diff, such as this:

if, say, I want to print this out as a pdf for records purposes, it’s not very easy to do so. It would be great to be able to just do that in the program itself.



The git history is the record, isn’t it?

I am not aware of any printing feature within Sublime Merge. Your best chance would be to print the commit using git CLI. Something like git show ....



The best way to keep records of changes is to use the standard “Patch” file format, as it is properly readable by computers. It’s basically what Sublime Merge is displaying for you nicely there, but in a pure text format. You can save a patch from the menu of a commit.

Note that using patches for record keeping is exactly what git does; so instead of your own record keeping just use git.