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Feature request: Let me pick "theirs" or "ours" without opening a diff


I work on a huge project with LFS integration, and thousands of binary-like files to manage. We often have file merge conflicts that are not human-resolvable and 99% of the time have to be resolved by taking either the source or destination branch version entirely. Having to load a text diff of these 30,000 line files just to want “take right” on every single one of them is extremely tedious. In similar applications, It is possible to multi-select files from the main menu and batch resolve all to a specific branch. I would like to see this feature added to sublime merge.

A side note - sometimes merging branches on my project touches thousands of files. The application becomes extremely unresponsive if a conflict arises during a merge of this scope. This just makes the aforementioned problem worse, as I have to painstakingly navigate the lagging ui to open a diff on tens of files just to select the same option over and over again.

I’m a big proponent of Sublime Text, and wish to become a similar evangelist for sublime merge
:smile: Thanks for taking the time to read my request!



I thought there was already a feature request for this, but I didn’t find any. Feel free to create it in the official tracker:



Much needed! What is the issue number?