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Feature Request: Folder View for Changes


I would love a folder or tree view for changes so I can pick around some noise my unity3d project creates. That and being able to stage the folder. I’m 90% set on using sublimemerge over gitkraken but this will make it much easier to use for me.

(Image from gitkraken)



Agree, with highly noisy setups like Unity, a flat list of modified files becomes quite “insane”. :exploding_head:



Any feedback on this?



Here’s an enhancement request:

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Yes, this would be fantastic. The current “changed files” view is mostly unusable.



Any response to this? I just purchased a Sublime Merge license, and am coming from GitKraken. Same experience. I’m loving the responsive performance of Sublime. And am horrified by how bad some of the UI is. Not only is this hard to navigate in terms of finding specific files, but it’s hard to read. And forces you to keep the window and column in a wider aspect. And even still many of these file names are being obscured because of a deep directory structure. It’s truly bad. This one thing is such a pain I may have to go back to GitKraken.

It is easy to make this into a tree view. Please, I beg you!!! :slight_smile:

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I have been waiting for this feature for months, gonna buy the license when it’s supported



Tell me about it. It is driving me nuts. I’m guessing the SM developers never ever tested this on any large scale source tree projects with deep folder structure and big sets of files changed per commit.

First there is no changed files tree view. There is a full source tree view mode but that is certainly not a substitute and is largely useless.

Then there is no multi-select in the file list. It takes forever to perform any group operations on multiple files such as stage, discard, delete etc. You have to do one by one which in a large commit with e.g. hundreds or even thousands of files is simply impossible. Keep resorting to command line client.

The filter in the file list is also useless. You can’t filter by file type or even by partial file name. E.g. you can’t glob style filer by file type like “*.c” or even “.c” to only show the changed .c files. You have to endlessly scroll up and down to locate the files scattered across a large commit.

The context menu commands in the file list totally inconsistent. Some actions can only be done from file list context menu, some only from file view pane “…” button, some from both places.

I seriously doubt the concept of automatically open file tabs for anything but a handful of changed files per commit. Imagine navigating through a hundred+ open tabs? A total joke. Surely the tabs should only be open selectively, e.g. by selecting the changed file in the file list view or something.

Agree with other posters above. The UI is not well thought and functionality is rather limited.

Subjectively, I think SM should look like ST. A carbon UI copy. Why reinvent the wheel? Most users used and love the concept. With changed files tree view in sidebar same as project tree in Sublime Text. With an option to toggle to flat list view if someone prefers that but I think most will opt for tree view given the choice. Most do editing in Sublime Text and switch to Sublime Merge for version control. Therefore same consistent UI (and also the same UI and syntax color themes!) will work the best.

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