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Feature Request: File Manager


File Manager, built-in or seperate kind of like FMan (

Having sidebar in ST is cool, but having full file manger with similar ability like “CTRL+SHIFT+P” for quick panel commands is better :wink:



I think you have to talk about why you don’t just use FMan.



Yet another license to pay for :slight_smile: And not as good extensability and customization as Sublime Text. Like for example if FM was built into ST or at least created as an official plugin, this would help a lot of programmers who spend all day in ST editor :slight_smile: You could use file manager without ever having to leave outside Sublime Text.

At the very least, Sublime Text should add more quick panel commands to manipulate directories and files.

For example; (CTRL+SHIFT+P) should also include;

  • Create Directory
  • Copy Directory
  • Move Directory
  • Remove Directory
  • Create File
  • Copy File
  • Move File
  • Remove File

Maybe even to view files in one of the views with;

  • View Directory

You get the idea :wink: To be honnest i’m actually very suprised this was not added to ST4. Not having to code or install seperate plugin for this. It seems like this is very simple commands to code and add to quick panel in official build.




Thank you, but I was talking about ST official file manager and the plugin you provided has not been maintained for the past 2-5 years. I don’t feel comfortable running old plugins.