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Feature Request: 'Favourite files' on file menu


(My first post so please excuse any wrong doings)

Today we have ‘Open Recent’ on the file menu, which is very handy.
But sometimes the file(s) I often use (my ‘favourite files’) are not there - as I’ve opened plenty of other files since last viewing my favourite file.

I propose a new File menu item of ‘Favourite files’ would be very helpful.

  • Right clicking on the file tab when the file is open when allow user to indicate this is a favourite file.
  • Favourite files to be listed in Alphabetical order - not recently opened order (so easier to find, irrespective of the time when last opened).
  • I see no reason to have a limit on the number of favourite files displayed - but this could be limited to say 10 if there was a programmatic reason to do so.


PS Whether it is ‘favourite’ or ‘favorite’ would be up to programmers:-)



this functionality can be easily provided by a plugin
(i personally just hard coded a sublime-menu file to suit my needs)



Thank you. Apologies for not looking in package control first.
FavoriteFiles just wins out over Sublime-Favorites for me.