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[Feature Request] Extend scroll bar "catch" space to the window's edge


Some Windows applications, when maximized, utilize an approach when vertical scroll bar (the one that is usually the rightmost part of application’s window) is catchable by clicking to the rightmost part of the screen rather than a couple of pixels left from it. A good example of such behavior could be found in Visual Studio Code.

I find this approach very handy and think it speeds up the scrolling process when we need to scroll a very long list and I am curious, is it possible to implement similar feature in Sublime Merge?



The best place for a feature request would be on the tracker; if you use Help > Report a Bug it will take you to the issue tracker, where you can follow the flow through into the Enhancement Request section.

That will ensure that the request is properly tracked and doesn’t fall off the radar, which it might on the forum if the post doesn’t have a lot of continuous activity.



It works the way described for me in both ST and SM on Win11. I can simply move mouse to screen’s right edge hold down mouse button and scroll. Verified it with Default theme, Adaptive Theme and my custom DAneo.

AFAIK it’s just a question of theme design. Area of where scroll thumb is selectable is defined by its visibility. Furthermore padding/margin settings may be involved.