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Feature Request: Better Handle Unsupported Plugin Versions


Right now package manager shows ST3 packages in ST4 even if not supported by ST4 version. Can you please add supported package version or ability to hide this unsupported packages from showing up in quick panel when trying to use install command? I actually think any uncompatible package should be hidden by default from ST4.

For example see on
It shows supported ST version for every package.

In quick panel when installing from ST4 only package version is shown not ST version. This can lead to users installing wrong version of old plugin to new ST4 and might even break something.

Right now only way to properly install ST4 packages is to go to website and check manually. Which defeats the purpose of quick install from package manager inside ST :slight_smile:



ST4 is (almost) fully backwards compatible with ST3 and thus the vast majority of older plugins should work just fine.



Good to know that majority will work. But having ST version in quick panel will help. Just simply put ST3 or ST4 before package version tag similar to website.

Another alternative is to have an option to force package manager to only show currently used ST version. Like if I’m using ST4 it won’t show any ST2 packages, by setting some option like “only_show_current_package_versions”: “true” for example.

This will also show less packages inside quick panel and maybe even faster searches with less results :slight_smile:



I don’t really see any value in that whatsoever; most ST3 packages are no less useful for ST4 so why treat them as such? Though feel free to make that suggestion on it’s repository:



Okay if you don’t see ST version point, than maybe plugin date (how old it is) for example “1y 2m old”. Some people don’t like using old unmaintained plugins. So if I see this in quick panel, I won’t install.

But all of this ST version and how old the package is useful becuase for those who don’t want to use website everytime they want to install pacakge from quick panel. DOUBLE WORK! O_o I don’t see why so difficult to understand.

Sublime Text - Pacakge Manager - Quick Panel shows this;

Title of the package
Short summary
install v1.0.0; domain url

Desired information and more useful;

Title of the package
Short summary
ST4 (can be icon) v1.0.0; 1y 2m old; domain url (can also be linked icon, will use less space)

Also why quick panel or even menus don’t use icons like Font Awesome beats me. At least have an option to enable this LOL



In short, this one goes to a wrong place. is the right place to do this feature request. “Package Control” is NOT an official plugin but it’s kind of a de facto standard.



Oh I never knew package control was not official. Never mind than :slight_smile:



Note that packages aren’t unmaintained because they haven’t had an update in a while. Take for example your “Copy Selected Text” feature request; it’s a simply plugin that can be written in a few minutes and essentially never needs to be updated because it’s feature complete.



Yes I understand this, but I was talking more about advanced plugins not just Copy plugin.