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Feature Request: Allow Separators Between Project Folders


Would we be able to add separators to our project hierarchies? As it stands the “folders” key of a project contains a list of folders to have in the project. Would it be possible to insert a separator in between specific folders?

This would help me organize my projects greatly. For example if I had UI and backend related folders in my project I could add a logical separation between the UI and backend components or group every backend component with it’s respective UI.



Create a folder with named with underscores. A hack but might suffice because otherwise you’re in for a long wait.

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Another solution might be to utilize the "name" key in the folder entries so that instead of being listed by their folder name they’re listed with names that lets you know they’re associated with each other.

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This hack works nicely, thanks! :slight_smile:

I extended it a bit to hide everything in the folder too

        "file_exclude_patterns": ["*"],
        "folder_exclude_patterns": ["*"],
        "name": "_________________________________________________",
        "path": "$HOME"


As a side note, you may also just point to a path that doesn’t exist. It will still show up in the sidebar.

Actually, $HOME most likely doesn’t exist anyway because ST doesn’t do environment variable expansion there. Sounds like an interesting feature request, but the fact I haven’t thought nor heard of this request until now probably means there is no demand for it.



Ya I noticed that as I was playing with this. I’m taking advantage by having my separators use the paths $FOO1, $FOO2, $FOO#.