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Feat Req: Search for tab by base filename with autocomplete



I am a Sublime Text subscriber, and using build 4143 on Windows. I often have a couple of hundred files (tabs) open in a Sublime Text window, and it is very tedious to use the dropdown filename list and scroll up & down & remmber where files are in the listed tab order. It would be super helpful to have a “Jump To Tab text box” or similar action, with these features:

  • Allowed me to type in the base filename (i.e. ignoring the path)
  • Auto complete, with suggestions for all open files matching what I had begun to type in the usual dropdown select list that autocomplete usually includes
  • Only start autocomplete matching when X chars have been typed (X is configurable with a default of say 3)
  • The best (most chars) matching first
  • MRU accessed order sorting (most recent first) for all files that match the chars typed so far
    – if No chars types, just shows tabs as drop down suggestions in MRU (most recent first) order, to allow jumping to recent files without typing any match chars
  • Shows beginning and ending of the path to the right of each auto complete filename (to help me remember the context of the file), ex, each matching suggestion line like thes
    “somefilename.ext … z:\abc\def…last\path\dir”
  • Limit the max number of matching file count (with say 10 as a default, and 0 means unlimited))

Thanks for reading my feature wish :slight_smile:



Goto anything fits most of that: Goto > Goto Anything….



Not exactly what you described but I am currently playing with this if you want to check it out.



Thanks - seems to cover the basics of what I was asking, so will use that for now.

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Thanks - looks interesting - I will give it a try as well.



Ok. Just let me know if you run into issues. or drop me a message on discord.

and if you weren’t aware of Goto Anything, yeah try that. that should cover MRU and jumping to files.