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Fast strings/quotes


I cant for the life of me figure out how one would write a bunch of quotes as fast as possible. I want to create an array of strings, but using the quotation marks with the right arrow to move to the next is too slow.
I saw an old forum post here about creating a keybinding for the tab button to move out of brackets or quotation marks, but i couldnt get that to work either. Does anyone have any suggestion to how you would write a bunch of quoted words in a row as fast as possible?

So i found this keybinding that worked;

{ "keys": ["shift+space"], "command": "move", "args": {"by": "characters", "forward": true} }

It makes shift+space move out of quotes, which makes it a little bit faster. However I feel there should be an even faster way to write a bunch of words and make them all individual strings/quotes



One way I could think of making such a process faster (at least in ST4), is to use the following method

  1. Select your bunch of words.
  2. Choose Selection -> Split Into Lines (This will actually split your selection into lines but in ST4 if it’s already split into lines, it will further split them into words if invoked again)
  3. Press "

In ST3, you may need a small plugin to achieve the same thing.

Of course, depends on you whether this is “fast” enough or even something that is a feasible solution for you.



Awesome man, thanks alot, that is amazing!