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Fake Sublime Text Mobile App?


Is this an official Sublime Text app for mobile?

Looks like it’s made by a random person, but I’m not sure.



This looks like something SublimeHQ should actually take action on. Wouldn’t want someone muddying the name of my product and/or company if I were them.



We’ve already asked Google to take it down and they declined. We aren’t associated in any with that app.

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Google declined? Don’t you guys have a right to protect your name in the software space? For all the crap they take down with no good reason, it would seem you have a legal right in this case :confused:



Look for my Gmail app going up in the next few weeks… :wink:

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There is a way. Run it into the ground by collectively protesting against this travesty by giving it 1-star reviews. This is a blatant misuse of the Sublime Text name. Go tell this Vietnamese guy that it stinks.

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