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F12 (go to defintion) should show occurances in the current file at the top


I have this line of C code in a file:
private__frame_selection(tab, true);

I put my caret on the function name and press F12:

I get these suggestions

I am currently inside scene_tab.c, but it still put that other file (which has a function with an identical name) at the top. I have sooo often just pressed enter and ended up in the wrong file. I would love if it put occurrences in the current file at the top – or is this already possible somehow? This may seem like a minor thing, but it has sort-of become the biggest annoyance in Sublime Text for me…




Sublime Text defaults to having any definitions in the current file ahead of those in any others. Which version are you using? Have you tried reverting to a freshly installed state?



Thanks for the reply.

I tried that now. It behaves the same with a freshly installed state. Definitions in the same file are not put at the top. Tried with a more common function name now, they seem to end up in alphabetical order.




This has been fixed in the ST4 beta build 4086

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