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Expected file extension for unsaved file in plugin



I’m writing a plugin to Sublime and trying to somehow get expected file extension for unsaved buffer. I have a syntax for the buffer but cannot get the extension from it.

Right now my best shot is to parse syntax file in plugin code (tmLanguage or sublime-syntax file) and just extract first extension from the list. With tmLanguage it should be easy, as plistlib library is included in stdlib , but sublime-syntax files are yaml, and it’s not included in Python stdlib nor in Sublime libs, so I will need an external dependency. All this to do stuff that’s already done by Sublime when saving file.

Maybe I’m missing some API? Is there a simpler way to achieve this?




Would you mind explaining why you need that information?



Sure, sorry for not being more specific.

I’m writing a Rome formatter integration via subprocess & pipes and cli expects to pass file name for syntax detection. For saved files it’s easy, I just take current view file name, but for unsaved buffers I have no better idea to produce a fake file name with correct extension.



If you don’t want to add YAML parser dependencies to your plugin, since the number of formats supported by Rome formatter are limited, you may maintain a mapping of scope => file extension manually. Such as

def get_view_pseudo_ext() -> str:
    view_main_scope = view.syntax().scope.partition(" ")[0]
    for scope, ext in (
        ("source.js", ".js"),
        ("source.ts", ".ts"),
        ("text.html.basic", ".html"),
        ("text.html.markdown", ".md"),
        # more... or load from plugin settings
        if sublime.score_selector(view_main_scope, scope):
            return ext
    return ""


Was thinking about it, but wanted something a bit more future-proof, so it would automatically handle new formats supported and new syntaxes introduced to Sublime.

Thanks for your help. Will probably go the route of explicit mapping for now.



If there isn’t one already I suggest submitting an enhancement request to the official issue tracker for adding this to the Syntax class.