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Equals Key Stops working when sublime is launched (SOLVED)


Hi, When I launch sublime text 3 my equals key stops working. It does allow me to type +++++ no problem though, only problem is Equals. It works after restarting my computer and only stops working when I launch sublime. I am unsure of the issue and have read about another program intercepting my command but I am unsure as to what it could be and how I would find that.



If you type sublime.log_input(True) and sublime.log_commands(True) into the Sublime Text console it will log when you press a key. Could you post what gets logged when you press the equals key?



So, when I press the equals key after doing what you said nothing pops us, though when I hit shift the +++++ key does show up. So I dont beleive its a hardware issue considering, like I said, equals work when I restart my computer but only stops after lauching sublime.

Also, to prove that it is just a problems with the Equals input, I had change the keybind for my equal sign and it still does not work. Im honestly completely stuck

chr evt: 1 (0x31)
key evt: backspace
command: left_delete
chr evt: + (0x2b)
chr evt: + (0x2b)
chr evt: + (0x2b)
chr evt: + (0x2b)
chr evt: + (0x2b)
chr evt: + (0x2b)
command: drag_select {“event”: {“button”: 1, “x”: 9.5, “y”: 194.5}}




So the issue was Shadowplay by Geforce, the instantly replay function was bound to my ===== sign and was taking priority. I don’t even remember binding that button to it.

Can’t believe that this issue that was driving me insane was so easily fixed… Thanks for help and hope that my issue and the resolution can help others.

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