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Enable Snippets and Completions in Commit Message Editor


It would be really nice if SM would support user-definable snippets and auto-completions in the Commit editor box. This could spare a lot of typing, with ST-like snippets being able to provide templates for common messages and text-structures, with the usual Tab-navigation between elements.

Ideally, snippets and completions could be defined not only globally but also on a per-project base — either on the local user machine, or even within a repository, so that collaborators could share common snippets too.

The commit messages editor could benefit from many of ST3 features to enhance the typing experience; after all, it’s a small editor in its own right.



I’ve created a feature request on GitHub:

But I hope this thread will still be used to discuss how to enhance editing commit messages via snippets, templates and other ST-like features.