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Enable / disable indexing based on connection speed


I really like the indexing Sublime Text does in the background, and it works really well when I’m sitting in the office, close to the file server. But when working from home over a VPN on top of a slow internet connection, it takes lots of time and bandwidth, and also makes Sublime Text nonresponsive for several seconds each time a code generation command updates lots of files. (At least I think that’s due to the indexing, I’m actually not sure).

I noticed there is an option to turn indexing on and off. Turning it off at least gives me more bandwidth for other things like my VNC viewer. Would it be possible to have a third value for that option, which disables indexing only when Sublime Text notices that file access is slow? That would be great.

Of course, it would also be great if somehow the indexing process could be better separated from the GUI so that it would keep working even when many files are being updated.

I’m using Sublime Text 3, build 4143 on Windows 10. The files I’m editing are on a Linux file server.



Indexing is in the background and doesn’t impact the main thread. This is not what is causing Sublime to become unresponsive.

It is likely just due to the fact you are updating lots of files over the connection that causes this.