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Empty Project? Oh No It Isn't!


Started an new project, with nothing in it and added an empty folder.
Should I expect these two folders from another project in my brand new empty project ?


Final Project was the empty folder, how come Big Mandlebro and ttmath-0.9.2 have appeared.

Easy to get rid off, but it’s a bit of work I shouldn’t expect to do ?
Happens regularly is this expected behaviour ?




Can you record some sort of screen recording of yourself adding a single folder to a project and having multiple folders added? I’ve been using Sublime across multiple versions for almost 5 years and I’ve never seen this happen or seen anyone else reporting it happening except by doing something like subl -a to add a folder to an existing window.



Hopfully this’ll come out … No, it’s got to be a gif, hangon will have to find an mp4 to gif converter…Procrastination



Take 2: Nut’s it’s too big (I love ffmpeg, tho)…I guess the answer is no I can’t sorry.

The new Project Folder is in “Big Mandelbro (t)” along side ttmath-blar. But there are other folders in Big Mandelbro too that aren’t included…

Sorry out the vid/gif (It’s only about 12 seconds !)

Ps could you suggest a cloud sharing service pls ? I guess I should get into the 21st century (kicking and screaming all the way…)



Well, exactly what steps are you taking to add the folder? And what OS and version of Sublime are you using?



The OP has it really…
Project => New Workspace for Project
Save Project As (in empty folder)
Add folder to Project (the empty folder).
ctrl+k, ctrl+b to show side bar.
ST3 3211 Linux Mate 17.1
I did try dropbox, two hours of sh$t !
I could email you mp4 ?



Are you doing this from a window that already has a project associated with it? New Workspace for Project will create a new window that has a duplicate of the project information from the current window, in which case if you added a folder you would indeed see all of the folders from the previous window plus one more.

If you want to start a new project, create a new window instead, and then add a folder to it and save the project.



Well done, that’s 2.5 down 1.5 to go !!