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Emmet Users on Windows Dev Builds?


I’m looking for Windows users of dev builds that use Emmet. I’ve been seeing crash reports, but I haven’t been able to reproduce plugin_host.exe crashing. If anyone can provide pointers, I could really appreciate it!



I’m on Win* and I do use Emmet.
I can reproduce a plugin_host crash by simply try to add a new nested class selector or property in a css/sass/scss file.
I know pointing at Emmet sound weird but, when disabled, plugin_host keeps running well.
I’m not a pro at debugging sublime but it seems there is some sort of race condition with emmet and code suggestions of default css syntax.

hope this helps, and if you need more details, just ask :slight_smile:



I forgot to mention that I run latest dev build on win10pro 64…



Same here, running build 3189 on Win10, crushes every time, the way to prevent crushing with Emmet installed is set auto_complete to false now.

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Any exact details on reproducing? I installed Emmet on build 3189, created a CSS file, now what do I type, or what command do I run to make it crash?



@wbond Here’s how I reproduce it on my Win 7 x64 PC successfully every time.

  1. Download and decompress Windows ST 3189 x64 portable for easy/clean reproducing.
  2. Run ST and install Package Control.
  3. Install Emmet with package Control.
  4. Wait for a while, the status bar (or console) would show PyV8 binary successfully loaded.
  5. Open any existing CSS file.
  6. Type anything that triggers auto completion.
  7. plugin_host.exe will crash immediately.
  8. Terminate ST.
  9. Delete PyV8 binaries. (In my case, it’s in D:\_Download\Sublime Text Build 3189 x64\Data\Installed Packages\PyV8)
  10. You could go from step 4 to step 7 to crash plugin_host.exe again.

The following video shows how it works on my Win7 x64 PC.

This problem still persists in ST 3190 btw.

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I opened a issue some days ago in emmet issue tracker with steps to reproduce it:



That’s brilliant! didn’t thought about it… I was disabling/reenabling emmet every time I had to dig into some scss code :joy:



Hmm, I can’t crash it on my Windows 10 install. I’ll have to try my Win 7 VM.



Really strange…
I’m on win10 too (standard installation - NOT portable) and it crashes every time…
Reproduced just few seconds ago on secondary laptop (win10 64bit - st 3189):

  • open ST
  • open a css file
  • disable emmet
  • reenable emmet (to be sure it loads pyv8)
  • try to add a new property into some selector
  • st hangs a few seconds and… farewell plugin_host


Try to install SublimeCodeIntel and remove it? I installed that plugin before and some people say it will cause plugin_host crash, but after I remove it, I still have same problem.
I have to disable auto_complete to make everything work well.

Detail step:

  1. Open ST
  2. Open a .scss or .vue file
  3. Insert ANY letter, for example, “a”.
  4. plugin_host crashed.

Finally I downgrade my ST to Build 3176 with fresh install(portable ver), and everything works fine, so I think the main reason causing this are some plugins.



Still crashes in 3190.
I also did a try to raise the “auto_complete_delay” up to 1000ms just to see if delaying could help, but it just postponed the crash.



In my case it’s crashes at any css file. With emmet autocomplete on.
When i try to add new property, plugin_host will go down.

Reset to default state and so on won’t help. You can open a few files and edit them, but soon It will crash again.

ST3 v.3190, Win10 Pro with local admin permissions.

The only way to avoid PluginHost crash (i’m not sure if Emmet is on then) it’s clear %AppData%\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Installed Packages\PyV8 and reopen ST3 and while PY8 is loading add a new css property.
After that you can work until you restart ST3.
In short, you have to clear this folder each time before you start ST.
So go on, if you like dancing with ghosts and have enough patience.

I don’t, so i have to use VS Code instead and pray to Wbond.



VS code is not an option.
The problem is clearly some sort of race condition between emmet internals (pyv8 stuff I don’t know about nor care) and autocomplete suggestions.
I’m pretty sure @wbond will sort this out and also hope for the release of emmet v2 for st by @serge.che that I read somewhere should work without pyv8 (still, I may be wrong about that)



@wbond did you manage to replicate the issue?
If you need further infos or anything just let me know…



I actually did, and there will be a fix in the next build.