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Eighty Bucks


I barely had time to review, what looks like an awesome app. Then, before I knew it… BAM paywall. Damn, you guys know Visual Code is free, right? Eighty bucks is a bit much, I wish I could donate and support instead of being forced to.



You can evaluate the stable release with no time limit. If you like it, then it’s up to you whether it’s worth the price or not.



Sublime Text does not have a paywall, you can evaluate the product as long as you wish.

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SublimeText is worth it every penny, IMHO.



This thread is pointless.

Amazing how people complain about things like this, but have no problem wasting hundreds of dollars a year on video games and micro transactions.



What takes you from using Visual Code? Saves you 80 bucks, problem solved!

If you can’t afford it use Atom or Lime Text, both are free.

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Lol, every now and then someone comes by complaining about the price.
ST, being a professional tool is supposed to generate gains from the use, so it should pais for itself (and imho also in a really short usage period), but still…
Your answer was right in so many ways, there are tons of free editor out there, so why don’t use them? maybe for lack of features or poorer performances? then here is why ST isn’t free…

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