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Editor flickers when switching monitors


I’ve recently noticed that the Sublime Text editor window oftentimes starts flickering when I move it from monitor to another. The flickering only seems to happen on keyboard input and mouse movement. I’m not sure how to provide useful details, since it doesn’t occur every time. The monitors are different models of the same brand. When I open the display settings on macOS, one monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hertz, while the other has 59,88 Hertz. The settings provided by the hardware itself show 60 Hertz for both displays.

macOS 10.14.4 (18E226)
Sublime Text 3.2.1 (Build 3207)



macOS 10.14.4 is known to have quite a number of video driver bugs. I’d recommend updating to 10.14.5.

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Thank you for the suggestion. So far it looks like the update fixed it.



This problem is still happening for me. I’m on macOS 10.15.2 (Catalina) and Sublime Text 3.2.2 (3211).