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Editing multiple files at the same time?


I have several very similar script files I want to edit at the same time. I can open them all side by side using the “command”: “next_view(or prev_view)”, “args”: {“extend”: true} shortcut, or by shift-clicking multiple tabs to view the files in columns. But I haven’t figured out how to place the cursor in more than one file at a time, or how to make more than one column the active/focused one for editing. Is this possible somehow?

And I know I can do a find/replace in open files/folders. But that’s not what I am trying to do here. I want to be able to edit more than one file at once within the extended view/columns.



You can only focus/edit one file at a time.



I wish you could, seems like a small change to sublime text.
You can do it with this tool:
But from a command line and text-based text-editor of your choice