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Dumb newbie question: no popups or mini-map in diff mode


I have a licensed version of sublimemerge 3. I can use ctrl-alt-D to get a diff between two open files, but I never see a popout window of navigation choices. (as shown in some screenshots on the site.)

pressing ‘/’ just inserts a forward slash into what ever file is active in the diff window. I can use CTRL-down to navigate to next difference, but that is it.

What am i missing? I ran the ‘FindKeyConflicts’ tool to see if anything conflicts with the ctrl-alt-D and nothing shows up. I also do not see a right hand side mini-map showing where the changes are either.



Can you share a screenshot of the popout window that you’re expecting to see?



I most humbly beg everyone’s pardon: confusing Sublime Merge with Sublimerge