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Dropbox changed the way they handle symlinks


I use symlinks in my Dropbox to sync my ST3 settings (on Windows). I set it up following the guide here

Now Dropbox just sent me a mail.

Only files and folders in your computer’s Dropbox folder will be backed up

  • For example, if you have a symlink in Dropbox that links to a folder outside Dropbox, we won’t back up that folder that’s outside of Dropbox. So on you’ll just see a symlink—not a folder.

It seemed to keep working for a while, but today I lost all my settings in the Dropbox. Is there a workaround? Also the guide should be updated.



Put the real “User/” folder into your dropbox directory and create a symlink/junction within %APPDATA%\Sublime Text\Packages or Data/Packages if u use a portable setup.

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